Sony Xperia repairs Dubai

Sony Xperia’s smartphones are now known in worldwide by their performance, but sometimes some issues occur in the smartphone which will fix by Sony Xperia repairs Mobile Repairs Dubai.

Sony Xperia Repairs Dubai by Mobile Repairs Dubai

So, 11 basic repair and replacement of Sony Xperia repairs Dubai that Mobile Repairs Dubai offers:

1. Battery:Sony Xperia repairs Dubai

The battery of the Sony Xperia provides long-lasting battery sessions. So, the battery of Sony Xperia is durable and provides long battery life. The Sony Xperia battery replacement services are also provided by Mobile Repairs Dubai Sony Xperia repairs Dubai professionals at most economical prices.

2. Ear Speaker:

The rear speakers help in listing the calls and voice notes from the earpiece. We also offer complete makeover of the ear speaker for your Sony Xperia and provide you satisfactory repair services.

3. Front Facing Camera:

The front-facing camera helps you in taking perfect selfies and pictures. We also replace Sony Xperia front cameras with new ones.

4. Headphone Jack:

Headphone jack provides also support to the earphones and helps the Sony Xperia user to use the headphones.

5. Loud Speaker:

The loudspeakers help the volume to come on a loudspeaker and therefore all can hear the sound, these are good for music and hands-free call.

6. Motherboard:Sony Xperia repairs Dubai

The motherboard of the Sony Xperia is an important hardware through which the whole Sony Xperia parts are connected. It is a brain of the mobile and there for its circuit is more sensitive than any other.

7. Rear Facing Camera:

The rear-facing camera of Sony Xperia is used to take pictures of others, these cameras came with high resolutions and take beautiful pictures. It is important to get your rear-facing camera repaired as soon as possible.

8. Sim Card:

The sim card slot is also an important hardware which helps using the sim in the Sony Xperia.

9. Touch Screen Glass Digitizer:

The touchscreen glass digitizers in Sony Xperia phones are also used by the manufacturers for good touch results and get the smartphone machine to work efficiently. The Sony Xperia has very good and sensitive touch screens which give best touch results.

10. LCD Display:

The LCD display problems are also solved by Mobile Repairs Dubai mobile repair in Dubai.

11. Vibrate Motor:

This helps in vibrating the machine of Sony Xperia in result the user also have vibrating effects if the vibrate motor is damaged the Sony Xperia is unable to do so.

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