Sony Projector Repair Dubai

Sony Projector Repair Dubai is offered by Mobile Repairs Dubai for all available models. From the most basic models to high-performance 4K resolution products, our technicians are able to fix any and also all system issues. Mobile Repairs Dubai supplies high-quality medical products, both new and refurbished, along with accessories critical to the industry. Items like projector lenses, replacement lamps, remotes, and mounting solutions are available and almost all items include a one year warranty for Sony Projector Repair Dubai.

Sony Projector Repair Dubai Issues

Discolored Projector Image

A Blemish image means that there is a problem with the polarizing plates. If caught early on LCD projectors, then this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and calibration of the color module. Sony Projector Repair Dubai includes replacement and repair of the prism part which can be too much expensive.

Sony Projector Repair DubaiDust, Specks, and Dark Spots on Projector Image

Projectors require cleaning and maintenance.  Failure to do so on an annual or semi-annual basis can lead to dust within the optical section which will show up as dots or specks on your projector image.  If the spots are a tinted or hue color, this means that the dirt has ended on the color width which means that the part plates need to be cleaned (LCD projector) or the color wheel needs to be cleaned (DLP projector).

Projector Won’t Power On & Other Projector Power Issues

If your Sony projector suddenly shuts off or power won’t on, then there may be a problem with the power supply, equilibrium software, or cooling system. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards.  This repair will also include diagnosing the reason for the problem, along with a thorough cleaning is hard to get cooling channels.  This is not a user serviceable repair.

Projector Has Blinking Light

A constantly blinking green and also red status light may indicate one of a few system messages. Then this may be indicative of more significant issues such as mainboard failure, ballast failure, or needs replacement fans.

No Inputs Recognized by Projector

The issue could be either software or hardware. Try switching to a different input, for example, use your laptop to plug into the VGA previously were not using. Make sure that your projector is in the right display mode. Sometimes, broken remotes or broken buttons on the projector will prevent you from switching to the correct input. If you also have accepted that the Sony projector’s hardware or maybe the software is the reason for your issue, it is likely that the interface board may need Sony Projector Repair Dubai.

Cracked Projector Lens Assembly or Projector Housing

Sony Projector Repair DubaiMishandled projectors that have been dropped may need work to replace physical features of the projector, including replacement of any mounting brackets for lenses, or the lenses themselves. 

Preventative Maintenance for Your Projector

Preventative Maintenance will increase the lifetime of your expensive projector, and we recommend this for projectors. For business sectors using Sony, projectors are very odd, exclusively high resolutions, a good Sony Projector Repair Dubai.  Churches and low hour users can usually get away with a semi-annual cleaning.


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