Shower Head Replacement

A new shower head is a great way to make big improvements to your shower without having to fully remodel. A new showerhead also eliminates calcium deposits clogging up your showerheads, which can greatly improve your water output and pressure. MRD can do Shower Head Replacement Dubai, or install one of your choices. When choosing your shower head, you have many different types of shower heads and finishes to pick from as well. Brass, nickel, bronze, chrome, and many different colors. Installation can be completed in one visit for most styles.

Shower Head Replacement

Shower Head Replacement Dubai by MRD

MRD has provided the best plumbing services since 2008. Our plumbing technicians can expertly handle your new shower head installation needs. Our Dubai Plumber experts repair, replace and install all types of shower heads. Below are a few types of shower heads that residents typically choose:

Amplifying Shower Head

An amplifying shower head can be used in areas with low water pressure. It helps with areas under a water restriction.

Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head configuration is a great way to provide greater water flow from different angles. It also can be run off a single pipe, so no new plumbing is required in most cases. There are several ways a dual configuration can be set up. You can have 2 fixed heads, or 1 fixed and 1 handheld. This is a great choice for a handicap stall.

Body Spa Mister

A body spa mister is another way to improve your shower. They spray a mist of water and can be placed in many different locations. They are used in new custom showers or can be retrofitted.

Overhead Shower Head

An overhead shower head is another choice. It is usually called a “rain” shower, for the light even coverage it provides. Some types also have multiple adjustments so you can pick the intensity you desire.

Sliding Bard Shower Head

A sliding bar shower head is another choice to consider. The shower head slides up and down on a fixed pole. This allows the whole family to choose the height that is best for them.

Low Flow Shower Head

Shower Head ReplacementA low flow shower head is ideal for those looking to conserve water. It is rated at 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm). A standard shower head is rated at 2.5 gpm. Many areas are now offering incentives or rebates to homeowners who install these.

Some shower heads now also have LED lighting built in. They are also great for setting a mode after a long day. Ranging from the hard massaging spray to a gentle rainfall, a new showerhead can provide a relaxing pleasure after a long day at work.

When is a shower head replacement necessary? MRD’s licensed plumbers will visit your home and can then tell you if your shower head is worth repairing or if it just needs to be replaced. Contact MRD to get the best possible service for your next plumbing visit! MRD operates from our headquarters in Dubai.



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