S3 Charging Port Replacement

Samsung is a global brand because of its quality products. Samsung serving the World since 1938. It is a Korean Company which has its headquarters in Seoul. Samsung introduces many products in different categories like electric appliances, Computers, and Mobile Phones. Samsung is now ruling the world through their best Android phones which were upgrading month by month. They launch some extraordinary phones like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Alpha Series, J Series and many other. Samsung Galaxy S3 gets most fame because of its exciting features and the upgraded version at that time. Besides all its qualities, Galaxy S3 having some issues which need repair on time like Battery timings, Charging Port, Mic, and Speaker. MRD offers to repair of Broken LCD, Water Damage, Bleeding Display, Power issue, S3 charging port Replacement, Battery replacement with the quality of service.

S3 Charging Port Replacement by MRD:

MRD always hire best and certified technicians for the repair of Mobile Phones. S3 charging port issue getting increase day by day due to wrongly insert charger pin or chargers pin got damaged which also damages charging port of S3.

How S3 Charging Port Replacement by MRD:S3 Charging Port Replacement

S3 Charging Port Replacement only done by the professional and expert technician otherwise nonprofessional replace charging port and make your phone charging issue resolve but this repair is temporary because they use not genuine parts or replace it with already repaired spare part. MRD always use genuine and best quality of parts with guaranteed. S3 Charging Port Replacement is easily and efficiently done.

Types of Issues in Samsung Galaxy S3:

Battery Draining:

Battery Draining is a serious issue which needs to be repaired on time otherwise it will damage the phone body by exploitation. MRD has the best solution for the draining battery to be replaced with the genuine battery because we could not compromise on our quality.

Audio and Microphone Issue:

Sometimes Galaxy S3’s audio and microphone not working properly. It may be damaged or be covered with dust. So the caller not able to get proper voice and also not able to sent his voice just because of audio and Mic issue.

Overheating:S3 Charging Port Replacement1

If your phone gets overheated and you’re fearing that it may damage your phone. So, you’re correct. Phone overheating effects phone circuit which may result in phone dead. You need to repairs that issue by MRD Technicians

Wifi Signals Dropping:

In Samsung Galaxy S3, we saw its Wifi signals dropping after every 10-15 minutes. This issue happens when Wifi’s integrated circuit not working properly. MRD is best in repairing of Integrated Circuit as we have certified technicians. We repair it in no time or replaced it with genuine IC of Samsung Galaxy S3

Water Damage:

If your phone dropped in water and you did not remove its battery timely or trying to power on the phone, then it will be water damaged. It is a serious issue because if water damage does not repair timely it will make your phone useless.

LCD Broken:

Samsung Galaxy S3’s Lcd sometimes got broken if a cell phone was dropped by mistake on the floor or in your pocket and you sit on it. Without LCD, Smartphones are just a dummy. It is useless. All you need to repair your phone’s LCD by just visit MRD for the best quality of service. We have experts on broken LCD repairs.
Because of MRD’s best quality of service, it becomes biggest mobile dealers and repairing service.

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