PS4 Controller Charging Repair

PlayStation is one the best gaming device for this generation. PlayStation now becomes a new gaming world for the Gamers. It was first time launch in 1994 in Japan. After a successful edition of first PlayStation, SIE introduces upgraded and much better editions of PS. As PS is a complete package for Gamers. PS4 consists of some different parts of Wireless Controller, Wireless Headset, Charging Adapter and universal remote. Sometimes gamers facing the issue in the controller that their PS4 Controller not working properly or getting restart automatically because of its charging problem. So, their issues can be resolved by Mobile Repairs Dubai PS4 Controller Charging Repair service.

PS4 Controller Charging Repair by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

Mobile Repairs Dubai also have best and well-trained techniciansPS4 Controller Charging Repair who have a lot of experience in PS4 Controller Charging Repair. So, after a long search and demand of gamers that they really worried about controllers. PS4 Controllers having a charging issue, their charging draining so quickly or not charging the device. If you’re facing such issue you can contact our technicians for the guidance or visit our store for the best quality service because we have certified Technicians for the repairs.

Issues in PS4 Controller resolve by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

Analog Stick Cover:

Sometimes PS4 Controller’s Analog Stick cover got damage or its rubber got slippery and needs to be replaced or repair. 


PS4’s Battery when it gets old and used along then it will drain quickly and not give proper timings and interrupts between gaming. Our experts replace the old battery with new genuine PS4’s battery in no time.


When you’re playing exciting games on PS4, then you’re using buttons of controller roughly and after sometimes button stop working properly and they need to be repaid.

Charging Port:PS4 Controller Charging Repair1

PS4 Controller charging port is the main part of a controller, If charging port got damaged or broken then you’re not able to entertain yourself, in fact, you have the best gaming device in your hand’s palm. 


Touchpad in controller contains a sensor which precedes the commands to a device which were sent by the Gamers. If touchpad not working or sending commands properly then it seriously needs to be Repair and if you want a perfect and best repair you should come to Mobile Repairs Dubai

Right and Left Analog Sticks:

Analog sticks are also performing the main task in the controller which controls the movement of your character in games.

Why Mobile Repairs Dubai?

We have Certified Technicians who can easily diagnose the issue and analyze the resolving process in no time. Your strength is our customer’s satisfaction.

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