Piano Repair Dubai

Whether you just need piano tuning, or if you need your piano repaired or rebuilt, MRD has experience and expertise to get it sounding like music to your ears. We offer a wide range of pianos and services if you need tuning or Piano Repair Dubai services to your instrument. We specialize in quality and affordable piano service and sales for private homes, churches, schools and special events in Dubai.

Piano Repair Dubai by MRD

Whether it’s piano tuning, moving, or complete rebuilds, our full-time piano technician has over 10 years of experience in the piano industry and will perform work that exceeds expectations. If you wish Piano Repair Dubai services or recommendations on any form of piano, contact us. We provide long-lasting, high-quality repairs which will stand the check of time. We’ll get to know your instrument and check that that everything works expeditiously for several years to come. Decision us these days to find out additional about our services. We’ll be happy to assist in any method we can.

Piano Repair Dubai

Our Services for Piano Repair Dubai

Piano Tuning

Tuning a piano is as simple as adjusting the strain strings to form the right pitch, but generally, a lot of complex tuning is needed. A piano that has not been tuned in a long time may require additional tuning to restore it to proper pitch and a pleasant sound.

Piano Repair

Sometimes, a piano desires quite a basic tuning to induce all the notes operating and playing well. It may be as simple as removing a coin from between two keys (no charge) missing or broken parts, adjustments to how the parts work. In my initial visit, We will inspect the piano and determine what needs to be done, what repairs will cost, and how the Piano Repair Dubai will affect piano.

Piano Rebuild

A piano make involves the replacement of parts that have wiped out over time or simply aren’t usable. The decision to rebuild will weigh the value that is added to the piano in performance and longevity against the cost. The level of work may be minor or extensive.

General Maintenance/Routine Service

If you want to keep your piano sounding and working well, I can provide regularly scheduled general inspections, service, and maintenance to ensure that your pitch is never off.

Additional Services

  • Key Top Repairs & Replacement
  • Clean Inside of Piano
  • Humidity Controls
  • Regulation of Action
  • Inspection
  • Player Piano Services


Having a new piano in your home is bountied and typically a challenge.

Tuning (a new/used piano)

Sometimes (and it happens quite often) you get lucky and therefore the piano isn’t too bad, a single, traditional tuning gets it right back in form. Sometimes you get a piano that has been neglected or during a poor environment and it needs further tuning to revive it to correct pitch and a nice sound. this can be called a Pitch Raise. 

Piano Repair Dubai

Needs Some Work

Sometimes, a piano wants quite a basic tuning to induce all the notes operating and playing well. It may be as simple as removing a coin from between two keys (no charge) missing or broken parts, adjustments to how the parts work. I will look the piano over and make a suggestion to what needs to be done to getting it in good working order.

Beyond Simple Repairs

It is superb how recent a piano is often and still work to some degree. however at some purpose, things need to be repaired or replaced. Some components are wool (eaten by mice or moths), plastic (become brittle), brass (stress fractures), wood (dries out and cracks), rubber and leather (worn or dries out), and glue joints fail.

The piano is competed and enjoyed more once it sounds good and works well.

In my initial visit, I’ll inspect the piano and verify what has to be done, what repairs can value, and how the repairs can affect the piano.


Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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