Stuffed Toys Repair

Stuffed Toys Repair

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to make your child happy and keep their favorite stuffed animals in their life as long as possible. However, stuffed toys often face damage and wear over years of love and play. Rather than having to say goodbye to a cherished toy, you now have the opportunity to have it repaired by the experts at MRD Stuffed Toys Repair. With over a decade of experience repairing all types of stuffed animals from teddy bears to jungle animals and everything in between, MRD has the skills and materials to revive your child’s favorite stuffed friend. From re-attaching limbs to replacing stuffing to sewing up holes and tears, the team of talented seamstresses and tailors at MRD can make your stuffed toy look as good as new.

Stuffed Toys Repair

Don’t let the joy a favorite stuffed animal brings fade away. With affordable repair and restoration services, MRD Stuffed Toys Repair aims to keep the magic of childhood alive by saving one stuffed animal at a time. Trust the stuffed toy experts to repair damage and restore your child’s companion to like-new condition so they can continue to be by your child’s side for years to come.

Common Issues We Repair on Stuffed Toys

As a stuffed toy repair service, we commonly encounter several issues that require mending or restoration. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience resolving the following common problems with stuffed animals and plush toys.

Torn or Ripped Seams

Seams are the stitching that joins pieces of fabric together. Over time and use, seams can weaken, fray, and eventually split open. Our technicians carefully re-sew any torn seams using high-quality thread that closely matches your toy’s fur or fabric. We take great care to ensure the new stitching is securely in place and nearly invisible for an optimal appearance.

Loose or Missing Eyes or Noses

Plastic or thread eyes, noses, and other accents can become loose or fall off completely with age and handling. We replace any missing eyes, noses, or other features with components that closely match your toy’s originals in size, shape, color, and material. We securely fastened the new attachments to prevent future issues.

Stains or Discoloration

Time, environmental exposure, and use can all lead to stains, fading, or other discoloration of a stuffed animal’s fur, fabric, or stuffing. Our cleaning process safely lifts normal stains and brightens discolored areas. For stubborn stains or extensive discoloration! We restore even color by dyeing fur or fabric with pet-safe dyes matching your toy’s original shade.

Holes, Tears, or Bald Spots

Small holes, tears, or bald spots in the fur or fabric can expand over time and with normal play or handling. We carefully mend any holes, tears, or bald spots by patching and reinforcing the area from the inside out using matching thread and patches. The repaired area is then trimmed and brushed to blend in with the surrounding fur or fabric for an undetectable fix.

Stuffed Toys Repair

Why Choose MRD for Your Stuffed Toy Repairs?

MRD has been providing high-quality stuffed toy repair services in Dubai for over 15 years. Our experienced artisans and tailors have repaired thousands of stuffed animals and plush toys, restoring them to like-new condition. We use only the highest-quality materials and take great care to match colors, stitching, and details. When you bring your stuffed animal to us for repair, our staff will carefully assess the damage and determine the necessary steps to restore it properly. Common repairs include:

  • Re-stitching seams or tears in the fabric
  • Replacing damaged or missing eyes, noses, or other features
  • Adding or replacing stuffing to restore shape
  • Washing and re-fluffing to remove stains or odors
  • Repairing or replacing damaged mechanisms in interactive toys

We understand the sentimental value many children and adults attach to their stuffed toys and plush animals. Our repair process is designed to be as gentle and non-invasive as possible so we can return your treasured item looking as close to new as we can while preserving its character and memories. Unlike some commercial toy repair services that use harsh chemicals, MRD uses only non-toxic, child-safe materials and processes. We also sterilize all tools and work areas to museum standards to guard against contamination or damage to your plush toy during the repair process. For prompt, affordable, and professional stuffed toy repair in Dubai, look no further than MRD. 

Contact MRD to Schedule Your Stuffed Toy Repair in Dubai

To schedule a repair for your beloved stuffed toy with MRD in Dubai! Please contact us to set up an appointment. We understand that stuffed toys often become cherished companions that hold sentimental value! So we handle all repairs with care and discretion.


We use an initial consultation to assess the condition of your stuffed toy and determine the repairs it may need. We will examine the toy for any rips, tears, loose threads or stuffing, missing or detached parts, or other damage. The consultation is complimentary and allows us to provide an estimate for the necessary repairs. Please bring your stuffed toy into our workshop for evaluation.

Repair Options

Based upon our consultation, we will recommend a course of action to restore your stuffed toy to like-new condition. Options may include:

  • Seam repair: Re-sewing split seams or tears and patching any holes.
  • Stuffing replacement: Adding new stuffing to areas where it has compressed or leaked out.
  • Part reattachment: Re-attaching any loose or detached parts like eyes, noses, ears, or tails.
  • Cleaning: Surface cleaning to freshen up and brighten the fur or fabric. Deeper cleaning is available for heavily soiled toys.
  • Replacement parts: Installing new replacement parts if any original parts are missing or damaged beyond repair. We will match parts as closely as possible to the original.

Estimates and Scheduling

We will provide you with a written estimate for the necessary repairs including the cost of any replacement parts. Upon your approval, we will schedule the work to be completed ASAP. We understand the importance of returning your stuffed companion as quickly as possible. Please call or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule an appointment to bring in your cherished stuffed toy. Our experienced staff treat each repair with the utmost care and discretion to ensure your toy is returned to you in like-new condition. We look forward to restoring your child’s beloved companion.

Stuffed Toys Repair


As a business providing stuffed toy repair in Dubai, MRD understands how meaningful these toys can be. Entrust your companion to their care, ensuring it receives the utmost professionalism and attention. Their expert technicians have years of experience breathing new life into threadbare toys. Don’t delay – contact them today to schedule a free estimate and get your friend back as good as new. MRD is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and customer care. Your stuffed animal is in the best hands with their team.

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