Doll House Repair

Doll House Repair

Doll House Repair: As a child, your dollhouse was a portal to imagination and make-believe. Its little rooms held countless stories and adventures. Now, seeing it gathering dust pains you. With its chipped paint and loose shingles, it seems to have lost that magical spark. But at MRD, we view it as a treasure waiting for new life. Our artisans see beyond the wear to the nostalgia within. Let us lovingly restore your dollhouse so you can pass its legacy to future generations. With custom carpentry and detail work, we’ll make it grander than your childhood memory, ready to kindle your children’s creativity.

Doll House Repair

Common Issues With Doll Houses That Require Repair

Our MRD Doll House Repair experts frequently see several common issues that require repair:

  • Broken or Loose Parts

Over time, doll house parts can become loose or break from normal wear and tear. This includes items like:

– Doors and windows 

– Furniture

– Stair railings

– Decorative elements like chandeliers or wall sconces

Our technicians have the skills and supplies needed to properly reattach or replace any loose or broken doll house parts.

  • Faded Paint and Wallpaper

The paint and wallpaper in doll houses often fade or peel after years of play and light exposure. Our services include:

– Lightly sanding walls and trim

– Matching existing colors 

– Adding fresh layers of paint or wallpaper

– Sealing surfaces to protect against future fading

  • Worn or Damaged Floors

Doll house floors can become worn down, scratched, or warped. We offer floor repair and replacement services including:

– Sanding and refinishing existing wood floors

– Custom cutting new wood flooring pieces

– Installing new floors if needed

  • Electrical Issues

If the lighting or other electronics in your doll house stop working properly, our techs can troubleshoot and repair wiring and electrical issues. 

Bring your doll house into MRD today for a repair assessment. We service all doll house brands and our experts can have your miniature home looking like new again.

Our Doll House Repair Services in Dubai

Our doll house repair experts at MRD have the skills and experience to handle any type of doll house or miniature repair work in Dubai. We provide comprehensive doll house restoration and repair services to bring your treasured doll house back to its original glory.

Our services include:

  • Structural and foundational repairs – We can evaluate and repair any issues with the doll house structure itself, including loose joints, cracked wood, detached parts, floor sagging, and more. Our technicians use specialty glues and clamps to re-secure joints and rebuild damaged sections.
  • Roof and ceiling repairs – We can replace detached shingles, cracked ceiling beams, and other roofing or ceiling elements in need of repair. This helps restore structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Wall repair and painting – From cracked plaster walls to faded painted surfaces, our team can meticulously patch and repaint any wall in need of cosmetic restoration. We match existing paint colors using custom blending.
  • Window and door refurbishment – Over time, doll house doors and windows can become loose, cracked, or weathered. We can remove, reshape, repaint, and reinstall these elements to restore proper functionality and appearance.
  • Accessory/furniture repair – We gently clean, reglue, repaint, or otherwise refurbish doll house furniture, décor items, and accessories that may have been damaged over many years of play and display.

Doll House Repair

With decades of combined expertise repairing and restoring dollhouses of all shapes and sizes, you can trust the experienced craftspeople at MRD to give your treasured doll house the makeover it deserves. Contact us for a free repair estimate.

Why Choose Us?

MRD has been providing exceptional dollhouse repair services in Dubai for over 10 years. Here are some of the key reasons you should trust us with your treasured dollhouse:

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our team consists of meticulous carpenters, painters, electricians, and decorators who have decades of combined experience working on delicate miniatures. We approach each project with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Specialized Tools & Materials

We utilize specialized tools and materials specifically designed for miniature work, such as small brushes, fine-scale wood, and scale-model lighting. This allows us to achieve an authentic look and precision fit.

Design Experience

In addition to repairs, we also create custom dollhouses and room boxes. This design background gives us an edge when it comes to restoration work. We know how all the elements should fit together.

Efficient Process

We work swiftly to get your dollhouse back to its former glory. We also offer emergency rush services for more urgent issues.

Affordable Pricing

Despite our premium craftsmanship, our rates are very reasonable, especially compared to replacing an entire dollhouse. We never sacrifice quality to reduce expenses.

We would love the opportunity to bring new life back into your cherished dollhouse with our expertise. Please reach out for a free repair quote today. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide our guidance.

FAQs About Doll House Repair

What types of repairs do you offer?

At MRD, we specialize in all aspects of doll house repair and restoration. Here are some of the services we frequently offer:

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Wallpaper and flooring repair/replacement
  • Custom furniture repairs and fabrication
  • Window and door adjustments and replacements
  • Electrical system troubleshooting and fixes
  • Roof, chimney, and exterior repairs
  • Touch-up painting and refinishing

Our proficient technicians can handle tasks of any size – nothing is too big or too small for them. We can handle repairs ranging from a broken chair leg to a full doll house restoration project.

How long do repairs usually take?

Most minor repairs can be completed within 1-2 business days once we receive your doll house. More extensive restoration projects may take one week depending on the amount of work needed. We always provide an estimated timeframe when you first bring your doll house in.

Do you do repairs onsite or at your facility?

For convenience, we perform all repairs at our workshop which is equipped with specialty tools for working on miniature structures. This allows us to efficiently make fixes and restore components. We also have all the necessary materials on hand rather than transporting them to and from sites.

Doll House Repair

Contact us today

As you can see, MRD offers comprehensive doll house repair services that breathe new life into cherished toys. With expertise spanning structural repairs to detailed finishes, our technicians approach each project with care and precision using quality materials. Whether a family heirloom or a child’s favorite playset, trust MRD to sensitively restore your doll house to its original charm or customize it to match your dreams. Contact us today at 0524674030 to schedule a consultation and estimate for doll house repairs that preserve memories and ignite imagination for generations to come.

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