Acoustic Guitar Repair

Acoustic Guitar Repair

Acoustic Guitar Repair: As an acoustic guitar player, keeping your instrument in optimal condition is key to achieving the best sound. But over time, general wear and tear can take a toll, compromising tone and playability. When it’s time for a check-up, look no further than MRD. With expertise spanning fretwork, bridge and nut adjustments, electronics upgrades, and more, our experienced luthiers have the skills to analyze issues and restore your guitar to its full potential. Bring us your Martin, Taylor, Gibson, or other treasured acoustic. The meticulous eye and hand of an MRD pro will have it singing again in no time. Your music deserves the very best care.

Acoustic Guitar Repair

Common Issues With Acoustic Guitars Needing Repair

Structural Damage

Acoustic guitars are delicate instruments that can suffer structural damage over time and with frequent use. Common issues include cracks in the soundboard, backboard, sides, or neck joint that require professional repair. Neglecting to fix structural damage can worsen over time and significantly impact the tone and playability of your guitar.

Action and Intonation

The action refers to the height of the strings above the frets, which can become too high or too low over time. High action makes the guitar difficult to play, while low action can cause buzzing frets. Intonation refers to the guitar’s ability to produce notes that are in tune across the fretboard. As the guitar’s parts settle and change shape, the intonation and action may need adjustment by a skilled luthier.


For acoustic-electric guitars, the pickups and preamps that amplify the acoustic sound can malfunction or become damaged. This may result in no sound, crackling, buzzing, or other undesirable noises. The input jack where you plug in the guitar cable can also become loose or damaged, requiring replacement.

Tuning Peg Issues

The tuning pegs on the guitar’s headstock control the tension and pitch of each string. Over time, the tuning pegs can become stiff, slip, or break, making it difficult to keep the guitar in tune. Repair or replacement of individual tuning pegs or the entire tuning peg assembly may be necessary to restore tuning stability.

Acoustic Guitar Repair

Proper care and maintenance can prevent many common issues with acoustic guitars. However, repairs should be left to a skilled luthier to avoid further damage or playability problems. With professional repair, your acoustic guitar can provide many more years of musical enjoyment.

Our Expert Acoustic Guitar Repair Services in Dubai

MRD provides professional acoustic guitar repair and maintenance services in Dubai to keep your instrument sounding its best. Our certified technicians have years of experience servicing all makes and models of acoustic guitars. We can handle any necessary repairs or adjustments to get your guitar back in peak playing condition.

Restringing and Tuning

Whether it’s due to old age or breakage, worn-out strings can significantly detract from your guitar’s tone and playability. However, fret not, as we offer a solution. Our technicians will rejuvenate your guitar with high-quality strings customized to your preferred gauge and tuning specifications. Additionally, we’re equipped to tune your instrument to the standard EADGBE or any alternate tuning you desire, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your preferences.

Bridge and Nut Adjustments

The bridge and nut are critical components that affect intonation and playability. If your guitar’s action is too high or the intonation seems off, the bridge or nut likely needs adjustment. Our luthiers can file down and reseat the bridge and nut to lower the action and ensure accurate intonation up and down the fretboard.


Frets that are worn down, uneven, or sharp can make playing uncomfortable and impact tone. Our fretwork services include leveling, crowning and polishing frets as well as complete fret replacement if needed. We take great care to retain the neck’s structural integrity and your guitar’s tonality.

Crack and Structural Repairs

Over time, with temperature changes, and physical damage, your guitar may develop cracks and other structural issues that affect its sound quality. However, fret not, as our expert luthiers possess the skills and materials necessary to address these concerns. From gluing cracks to patching holes and reinforcing various components such as the top, back, sides, neck block, and kerfing, we ensure your guitar returns to a stable, playable state without compromising its tone.

Acoustic Guitar Repair

At MRD, we’re committed to ensuring the enduring playability and value of your acoustic guitar. Moreover, with our comprehensive repair and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your instrument will continue sounding and playing beautifully for years to come. Entrust our team of acoustic guitar experts to handle any necessary repairs or adjustments, enabling you to maximize the potential of your beloved instrument.


In closing, you can feel confident bringing your acoustic guitar to MRD for top-quality repair services. With years of experience and expertise, our luthiers approach every instrument with care and precision. Trust us to diagnose issues, provide solutions, and get your guitar back in playing shape. Our convenient Dubai location, quick turnaround times, and satisfaction guarantee ensure an outstanding experience. Whether you need a setup, fretwork, bridge adjustments, or any other acoustic guitar repairs, MRD has you covered. We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows through in the work. Bring us your acoustic guitar today to keep it sounding its very best for years to come.

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