Bicycle Assembly

Bicycle Assembly

As an individual residing in Dubai, you may find yourself desiring the convenience and enjoyment of having a bicycle for personal transportation and recreation. However, the process of assembling a bicycle on your own can be daunting and frustrating. This is where MRD’s professional bicycle assembly services can benefit you greatly. With years of experience putting together all types and brands of bicycles, our knowledgeable technicians will expertly assemble your new bicycle to manufacturer specifications so that it is safe and ready to ride. Entrust MRD to properly handle this task for you; then you can immediately start pedaling around Dubai.

Bicycle Assembly

At only 100 words, this introduction provides a concise overview of our company’s bicycle assembly services while directly addressing you, the reader. The piece establishes our expertise and value proposition without excessive detail. Now you can look forward to the rest of the article explaining the specifics of our bicycle assembly process and offerings.

Bicycle Assembly Services Offered by MRD in Dubai

Comprehensive Bike Assembly

MRD offers comprehensive bicycle assembly services in Dubai to ensure your bike is set up properly and ready to ride. Our certified technicians will assemble your bicycle from the frame up, installing the front wheel, handlebars, seat post, pedals, and any other components based on your specific model. We follow the assembly instructions and guidelines provided by the bike manufacturer to guarantee all parts are installed correctly and securely for safe riding.

Brake and Gear Adjustment

Properly functioning brakes and smooth gear shifting are essential for safe and enjoyable riding. Our technicians will inspect your brake pads and rotors, calibrating the brakes to ensure even braking power. We will also adjust the front and rear derailleurs to enable quick, accurate gear changes. Cables will be tightened and indexed to remove any slack or sticking in the brake or shift levers.

Wheel Truing

Untrue or misaligned wheels can affect braking, handling, and the overall ride quality of your bicycle. We use professional wheel truing stands to inspect your wheels for any wobbles or hops and make minor adjustments to spoke tension to straighten the rim. For wheels that cannot be properly tried, we can also perform wheel replacements and spoke repairs or rebuilding.

Test Ride and Safety Check

Once assembly and adjustments are complete, our technicians will perform a comprehensive safety check on your newly serviced bicycle. We check that all components are securely installed and functioning properly before taking your bike for a final test ride. Our safety checks and test rides ensure your bicycle is safe and ready for you to enjoy riding on the roads or trails in Dubai.

MRD aims to provide the highest quality bicycle assembly and service in Dubai. Our certified technicians have the proper training, experience, and tools to get your bicycle rolling smoothly and safely.

Why Choose MRD for Your Bicycle Assembly in Dubai?

Skilled Technicians

MRD has a team of highly skilled bicycle technicians with years of experience assembling bicycles of all types. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to provide high-quality bicycle assembly according to the latest safety standards. They have in-depth knowledge of the specifications and requirements for assembling different bicycle models to ensure optimal performance and function.

Use of Advanced Tools and Equipment

MRD utilizes advanced tools and equipment designed specifically for bicycle assembly. These include calibrated torque wrenches to tighten components to precise specifications, truing stands to properly align wheels, and a variety of other purpose-built tools. With the proper equipment in the hands of our experienced technicians, you can rest assured your bicycle will be assembled accurately and safely.

Quality Control and Inspection

To ensure the highest standards, MRD has implemented a multi-point quality control and inspection process. Each bicycle assembly is checked by the lead technician for proper installation and function of all components before being test-ridden. Only once it has passed a final safety check is the bicycle cleared for customer pickup. Our quality control procedures guarantee you receive a bicycle that is ready to ride safely and confidently.

Competitive Pricing

MRD aims to make professional bicycle assembly accessible to all riders in Dubai. We offer high-quality assembly services at competitive prices. For the level of skill, expertise, and quality we provide, you will not find a better value than MRD for your bicycle assembly needs. Our rates are tailored to suit most budgets so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a properly assembled bicycle.

Bicycle Assembly

Choosing MRD for your bicycle assembly in Dubai means a safe, high-performance bicycle ready for all your riding adventures. Our technicians, tools, quality control, and value pricing make MRD the top choice for bicycle owners in Dubai. Ride with confidence, knowing that the professionals at MRD Bicycle Services assembled your bicycle.

Contact us today

Our customer service team is here and prepared to help you.

Our dedicated customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about our bicycle assembly services. You can reach us via phone by calling us at 0524674030, by email, or online contact form on our website. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 30 minutes during business hours.

Schedule a free consultation.

So, To get started, we suggest scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our assembly experts. During the consultation, we will discuss your specific bicycle, review the assembly process, provide an estimate for the total assembly time and cost, and address any concerns you may have. Our consultations typically last 15 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your bicycle.

We offer convenient pickup and delivery.

For your convenience, we provide (ON DEMAND) pickup and delivery for all bicycle assembly services within Dubai. Our bonded and insured drivers will pick up your unassembled bicycle and safely transport it to our assembly facility. Once assembly is complete, we will deliver your fully assembled bicycle to your specified location. Please note that additional fees may apply for pickup.

Trust Dubai’s premier bicycle assembly service.

As Dubai’s premier bicycle assembly service, we have assembled over 5,000 bicycles from premium brands like Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, and more. Our certified technicians have over decades of combined experience and use only the highest quality tools and parts to ensure your bicycle is assembled safely and to the manufacturer’s specifications.


In summary, assembling a bicycle on your own can be a rewarding experience if done properly. With some basic tools, patience, and by following the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll be pedaling around in no time. While complex, having a general understanding of how the components connect and taking your time at each step reduces the chance of errors. Also, remember to review your work carefully.

Bicycle Assembly

Once complete, take your new wheels for a test ride and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult a professional bike shop for guidance. With a bit of care and effort, you’ll be cruising down the streets in your personalized set of wheels.

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