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Welcome to Mobile Repairs Dubai (MRD). In Dubai, MRD serving its customers for the past 15 years with excellence. Mobile Repairs Dubai has registered a company and has expert technical staff who is working in this field for many years. We have a complete range of maintenance services which covers your every need in your house. The best thing is that our services are easy and very affordable in price for every type of community. There are many maintenance service providers available in Dubai whom you can hire for the job but it is necessary to hire someone who can do every work professionally and use advanced tools while doing the job. Our Technicians are always ready with their gear and all the equipment and tools to serve the customers.

Emergency Services:

MRD is not only providing general maintenance services but also has separate Emergency Services departments which deal with every kind of emergency situation. We are registered and licensed to do emergency services. Some of the Emergency Services that customer is in hurry and trying to get rid of it and that services are Car Lockout, Home Lockout, Water Leakage, Electrical Breakdown, Car Damaged, Key Lost, and many others. MRD covers each and every Emergency situation with expert technicians.

Why Choose MRD?

MRD is launched after getting too much research about maintenance services which is the basic requirement for the residential and commercial sectors we come to know that there are many companies providing these services but there are some issues with them. We take a public survey about their experience with these service providers but we found too many negative reviews. The majority of customers are angry and claiming that these companies only know how to make money by providing low-quality services and their customer dealing is too much ridiculous. After having great research and thinking, MRD started its services and the main motto of MRD is the SatisfactOUR SERVICESion of Customers. We set the rules and regulations that we only have to satisfy our customers and we don’t charge too much. We have the best price all over Dubai if someone provides services at a much lower price then we will be ready to do it for free.

Our Services:

MRD is authorized by the registry to provide multiple services in Dubai. We have the widest range of services in Dubai and we guaranteed that no other company offers these complete services. We have different departments which operate their operations on a daily basis and report to the head office of MRD. Our departments are as mentioned:

Handyman Services:

Handyman Services is a basic need of our daily life. We don’t have any idea when we will get the needed for Handyman Services because minor jobs also include Handyman work. MRD has a wide range of Handyman Services in our department which is mentioned below:

Locksmith Services:

Locksmith Services are those services that you need unintentionally which means you come into a situation that you don’t want to be in. Sometimes you lost your car, home, or some other keys and you have to use them but if you’re unable to access them then you must have to call Locksmith Service providers like MRD. We have different services of Locksmith which are mentioned below:

  • Lockout Service
  • Safe Unlocking
  • Master key systems
  • Lock Replacement
  • Car unlocks service
  • Lock Change
  • Car Key Programming
  • Digital/Electronic Lock

Technology Solutions:

Technology is that kind of department that is rotating around us every day of our life. Our technology solutions include electronic device repair and all mobile and computer repairs. We have Microsoft-certified technicians who can repair every type and every model of the device. Our major fields in which we are experts are as mentioOUR SERVICESned:

You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp at 0524674030 or email us at help@mobilerepairsdubai.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.