Operating System Installation

Many times the Operating system installation of the laptop is not supporting and broken that is why you need to install the new Operating system installation on the laptop. Sometimes the customers also want to change the Operating system installation on the laptop as well for that reason operating system installation is required.

Operating System Installation:

Operating system installation

So, the Operating system installation by the Mobile Repairs Dubai by our expert software installers. They are also expert in installing all the operating systems and doing all the settings for a smooth running of the system. The Operating system installation by the Mobile Repairs Dubai in just a couple of hours. We also provide very fast and economical services of Operating system installation for the people of Dubai. Our professionals are also very reliable and secure your data and information very protectively.

Types of Operating System Installation by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

Network Operating System:

Operating system installation
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003,
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008,
  • UNIX,
  • Linux,
  • Mac OS X,
  • Novell NetWare
  • BSD

Single-Person Porting System:

Operating System Installation by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

Determine the Operating System For Your Laptop:

Firstly the customer has to decide which operating system they want to be installed in the laptops before installation the following factors are considered by the software experts and the owner of the laptop:

  • Always check the requirement of the system. Many laptops do not support specific operating system that is why it is very important to know the machine as well.
  • Consider the customer’s choice and requirements because our software experts will suggest according to the decision of the customer.
  • Search and analyzing the software compatibility. 

Backup Data:

Our professionals then backup your data In USB or Hard Disk of the laptop before installing the operating system.

Installation of Operating System:

Our software expert always installs the genuine operating system which is purchased from the operating system company such as Windows, Linux, and Windows XP etc.

Making Drive Partition:

Our professional software installation expert will now make the drive petition according to the requirement of the customer.

Installing Programs and Software:

We install all the programs, drivers, and software which required for the laptop smooth running and working. 

Copying the Backup Data:

We also copy the backup data which was saved earlier on the USB into the drives of the laptop.

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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