Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai

We are not problem spotters, but problem solvers, making it simpler for customers. When you come to Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai with an electronic device problem, we have the technical skills and experience of repairing it. We specialize in the repair of water-damaged computers, broken displays, apps, data backup, unlocking, battery problems or defective charging port, front/back camera, speaker/microphone problems, damaged power button, broken home button, to name a few. At Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai, we have a solution to all your device problems. We are trying to build solutions and will continue to lead the phone repair industry in Dubai as a fast, reliable, pocket-friendly repair shop. 

Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai

Your smartphone is a robust piece of technology, but it’s also fragile. Smartphones without screen guards or tempered glass security are more likely to break if they slip out of your hands or fall off your desk. At MRD, we cater to all screen issues with the utmost consideration and perfection. Using our Smartphone Screen Reparation Service or Door Screen Repair Service.

Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai by MRD

Major Problems


Overheating can occur due to several causes, e.g. old battery, power-hungry software, concurrently running apps, gaming, and overcharging. Such issues increase the temperature of the battery, and later the handset. If left unattended for a longer period of time, overheating can cause troubling problems, such as slow response time, phone slowdown, and more. Let our certified Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai experts provide you with the best possible solutions.


A single drop of water, moisture, or full immersion in water, both of which can do a great deal of harm. Charging ports, motherboard, speaker, and touchpad, in short, the whole phone can be stopped. We have trained experts who work with water-damaged smartphones and provide the best solutions.


Does your phone battery work for a whole day to recharge and then last for a few hours? It’s a serious issue that experts need to solve. You can select our door-to-door battery replacement service or choose a lab repair where you can get a free pick-up and drop-off service at a very inexpensive price.

Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai

Quality first!!!

We have a wide range and high quality of goods. Popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Sony Xperia, and the list goes on are represented in our branded selection of accessories. Our service is really speedy, and we can even repair your screen while you wait.

Experience and professional team and technicians!

The MRD Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai team is well-versed with phone-related issues. We help you identify the right problem with your smartphone and direct you to the most effective solution. Our technicians are professional, qualified, competent, well trained. We also specialized in dealing with the problems of all devices and brands on the market. MRD Mobile Repair Home Service Dubai offers a professional and affordable solution for all your handset, tablet, and laptop needs.

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