Mobile Phone Repair Dubai

Mobile Phone Repair DubaiIn Dubai, There is very difficult to find a professional technician who can do all type mobile repairing with expertise. Many companies offer mobile repairing services but they are not authentic and their technicians are not professionals. Mobile repairing is a very fine job because a normal mobile phone contains many tiny particles and chips inside it and to handle these particles is not an easy job. Mobile Phone repairing includes many different types of issues like screen replacement, charging port replacement, battery issue or some other and these repairing needs some high profile technician. MRD is available in Dubai for the resident to give them the best quality of professional service by the professionals of MRD. MRD has a service in which we deal every type of issue land that service is known as Mobile Phone Repair Dubai.

Mobile Phone Repair Dubai by MRD:

MRD in one of the best mobile repairing company in Dubai which is serving Dubai for many years and now able to become a trademark in mobile repairing field. MRD has many different tools which some advanced technology. We always follow the proper repairing methods because it is our policy to follow the rules and regulation which company made. MRD always hire those technicians who have many years of experience in the mobile Repairing field. We also give training to our technicians for the Mobile Phone Repair Dubai service.

Types Of Mobile Phone Repair Dubai:

MRD provides a complete range of repairing services throughout the whole Dubai by the expert and professional technicians. Following services are offered by the technicians of MRD:

Mobile Phone Repair Dubai1- Screen Replacement:

MRD provides the best quality of screen replacement service. Sometimes cell phones screen gets damaged by some incidents like cell phone fall to the ground, get scratched on it or whether it may be a bleeding screen, blank screen, dead screen, spotted screen or some other. MRD has many original mobile phones screen in its stock through which we replace the old screen.

2- Charging Port Issue:

When you continuously charged your mobile or charge like 3,4 times a day will cause you charging port issue. This issue needs to be repair timely otherwise cell phone will become dead after some time.

3- Battery Issue:

Cell phone’s battery gets low by using it mostly or give them charging too much. It will result in battery damaged problems. Don’t worry, MRD has some original and genuine batteries for any type of phone. MRD will replace your old damaged battery with new original battery with the guarantee. We have a contract with companies who supply us original parts of phones.


Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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