Microphone Repair Dubai

We specialize in all sorts of large diaphragm condenser microphones. We’re getting microphones from all over the world. We’ve got customers all over the world. We have a wide variety of specialist microphones from manufacturers including Neumann, Yamaha, AKG, Audio Technical, and Bock Audio, among others in addition to a large stock of repair and service spare parts. So if you have an older microphone that needs a little love, we can give it a clean service to make sure it works to the best of its capacity. Any dirt or dust on antique and valve microphone components will drastically reduce performance. We can help diagnose any problems since the microphone Repair Dubai can help diagnose any concerns with your microphone.

  • It has become intermittent
  • It’s distorting
  • Is dull-sounding (has an unsettling EQ)
  • Looks dead and no sound at all
  • Has defective switches

Unique services that we provide in Microphone Repair Dubai

  • Repairs of the capsule
  • Electronic analysis
  • Cleaning up
  • Rebuilds Full Microphone System
  • Capsule Rebuilds
  • Replacement of tube

We’re doing capsule repairs, maintenance, and reconstructing the complete microphone. Some capsules need to be sent out for repair, we’re just set up to do those forms of diaphragms, often it takes a little more time. We have had a great deal of success in restoring the original diaphragms and capsules rather than removing them. We’re going to repair your microphone and return it to you in the best possible working order.

Microphone Repair Dubai

Electronic Repairs Experts At MRD

The chase is our absolute favorite of troubleshooting. We’re not giving up easily. You kick it and beat it until it works a little longer, and then the day comes when it eventually dies, and then you shed a few tears. Well, we can repair it on a frequent basis.

Therefore, we always offer a wide range of completely serviced modern and vintage microphones online. MRD is Dubai’s leading repair and service center for professional microphones with the latest microphone technology in the UAE. 

A common misconception is that just because the microphone capsule cuts in and out does not essentially require that the diaphragm needs to be replaced. In reality, we were able to fix 90% of the original large-diaphragm capsules that came with your microphone without having to replace them. We use only the highest quality components available on the market and when wiring is required.

Microphone Repair Dubai

Suppliers of professional recording microphones repair Dubai for over 10 years

We give the best advice from professional recording technicians, best-repaired microphones, and best prices from manufacturers such as Neumann, AKG, Royer Labs, AEA, FLEA, Soyouz, Sennheiser, Shure, Beyer, Pearl, Audix, Telefunken, Schoeps, DPA, and many others. ! However, we have achieved the ultimate balance between high-end and budget, as the most “sonically” important ingredients are of high priority.

Microphones are the result of years of intensive research and development in order to achieve the optimal balance. Provide a boutique-quality microphone at an affordable price point that can stand by or surpass the output of world-renowned classics.

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