Laptop Processor Upgrade

Mobile Repairs Dubai provide a variety of the laptop services for the people of Dubai which include the laptop processor upgrade. Laptop processor upgrade is also the very famous trend these days.

Laptop Processor Upgrade:

Laptop processor upgrade

With every passing day, new technologies and hardware of the laptops are launching in the market which has more powerful and advanced processors. That is why many people Laptop processor upgrade the processor. China laptops can be costly but upgrading the processor will provide the best technology at economical prices.

How Mobile Repairs Dubai Laptop Processor Upgrade:

Determination of suitable processor for your Motherboard and Laptop:

Laptop processor upgrade

Firstly it is very important to determine which processor goes well with your laptop and motherboard. Different brands of the laptop only support particular processor and models that are why for the expurgation it is essential to know your choices.

  • Our professional staff asks then customers about the purpose of the processor expurgation and then he will guide accordingly.
  • Different options and their configurations are placed in front of the customer so that he/ she can easily choose from it.
  • We always ask about the customer’s preferences and choices before laptop processor expurgation.
  • So, our expert staff members always see the Processor Upgrade Information from the laptop support system and take notes of the motherboard processor support.
  • TDP – Thermal Design Power, this tells about the thermal owner motherboard can bear and we do not install any processor which has higher TDP than listed in the specifications.
  • Socket Type – the upgraded processor must fulfill the specification listed here.
  • Motherboard support which upgraded processors: the list of series is listed here and upgrade processor must be one of them.

Opening the laptop hardware and removing the old processor:

So, experts in Mobile Repairs Dubai open the laptop and remove the old processor and all the wiring attached to it.

Fixing the new upgraded processor:

We also carefully place the upgraded processor and attach all the wirings to it. 

Installing the upgraded processor:

So, all the software’s drives and system of the upgraded processor is installed in the laptop. After that, the operating system is freshly installed for starting the new and upgraded processor.

Features of Laptop processor upgrade by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

  • Fast services.
  • Latest technology
  • Professional staff
  • Reliable and expert services
  • Better options
  • Warranty of new processors
  • New and old replacement of hardware
  • Repair services available for all parts of a laptop

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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