Laptop Graphics Card Replacement

If the Graphic card of your laptop fails, damaged or broken it needs to be replaced as soon as possible for better working of the laptop. Some of the laptops especially those which are designed for the gaming purpose have separate Graphic cards and these Laptop graphics card replacement easily.

Laptop Graphics Card Replacement:

Laptop graphics card replacement

Mobile Repairs Dubai also offers the best Laptop graphics card replacement services in Dubai, we offer fast, reliable and professional services of Laptop graphics card replacement in Dubai. Graphics card of the laptops are one essential part, without it, you cannot get the proper display on the laptop. Laptop graphics card replacement is mostly damaged due to overheating of laptops, falling on the ground and circuit problems. 

Mobile Repairs Dubai provides Laptop Graphics Card Replacement:

Graphics Card Failure:

So, it is difficult to diagnose that the Graphics card has completely failed or just need a repair. Our expert staff diagnoses the problem and gives you the suitable solution for it.

Upgrade Graphics cards:

So, many times the customers require to urge the graphics cards for the better displays and gaming purpose in the laptops. 

Overheating Graphics Chip:

Sometimes the Graphic card only heats up and due to this the Graphic card can fail as well as it can heat up the motherboard and also damage it and the laptop circuit as well. 

Broken and damaged Graphic cards:

The broken and damaged Graphics cards are very difficult to be repairs thus I required being replaced only. The damaged and broken Graphics card is the biggest reason for the replacement.

Problems of Graphics Cards that Mobile Repairs Dubai:

Laptop graphics card replacement
  • A color of the screen turns weird such as gray, green, red etc.
  • Pix-elated screen and scrambled screen.
  • Lines and batches papers on the screen
  • Scene display divided into parts
  • The back-light of the screen is on but the screen remains black.
  • Black screen with no back-light
  • Laptop freezes within a little interval of time.
  • Display turns on and off immediately
  • Screen appear white or gray
  • Laptop unable to load the graphics driver
  • Laptops run in VGA mode only
  • Low screen resolutions and the laptop are not supporting high resolutions.
  • Problems in laptop display.

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

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  • I need to replace my vga card for my laptop, want something of around 2 gb nvidea.

    Please let me mnlw how much will that cost along with the model code of the card

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