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Over the excursion, a laptop left on a charger burst in Dubai around the room it was in. Its battery was not the original — it was purchased online. Please, be careful when you’re buying replacement Laptop Battery Dubai and chargers for your electronics. The reports that a woman escaped serious injury and was able to put the fire out before emergency services arrived, but that begs the question: what if she hadn’t been home? People have died in Dubai in the past from cheap that is, untested and uncertified chargers and batteries.

Laptop Battery DubaiLet this be a gesture: if you’re purchasing replacement parts for your computer or anything else that plugs in and charges its battery online, make sure that the parts are either:

  • Genuine, first-party parts either from the brand itself or from that brand’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Third-party parts that have a CE tick of approval

It can be hard to tell online. But many laptop dealers have guides to spotting copied or fake batteries, so use the stuff you have available to you. If you buy anything online and it does not imply right, don’t use it. Use online transfer for payment and return it to the seller. Your safety is essential than the convenience and price of a cheap facility battery.

Professional In store Laptop Battery Dubai

With more than 20 years in the industry, Mobile Repairs Dubai are the experts when it comes to laptop repairs and maintenance. Offering cheap repairs and decent advice, Mobile Repairs Dubai is the company to call when your computer is failing to cooperate!

Laptop Repairs and Maintenance Service

So what exactly can we do?

We keep a huge selection of parts in our store, grant us to offer a rapid service in most scenarios. If we do not have the enforced part on hand, we can plan it in for you.

Laptop Battery DubaiAlongside repairs, we also offer a data improvement service. If your hard drive crashes, you may not be able to access important files, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We are able to get lost data for you, allay stress and ensure important data isn’t lost. In most cases, we can successfully restore data and therefore offer a ‘no fix no charge’ guarantee.

Mobile Repairs Dubai also offers computer maintenance and upgrade services. If your computer is a system, we can provide a solution bringing your laptop back to better working order. Offering Laptop Battery Dubai, Mobile Repairs Dubai is your first port of call if computer issues spoil your day! We also train in the sale of adapter and batteries of all brands, and all come with one-year warranties.


Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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