iPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price

iPhone Screen Repair Dubai PriceMRD is the place in Dubai where you can come along with your any type of mobile device for the preparation. We are providing service of all the types of iPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price. We have the technicians who are able to repair all the SAMSUNG, iPhone, HTC, NOKIA, Microsoft Lumia, Blackberry. Our technicians can repair any type of your device whether the mic is not working, damaged speaker, broken screen, USB/charging port issue, battery issues, Camera issues, Volume buttons issue, and many other issues as well. From more than 10 years we have provided our services to thousands of our customers, and some of them have become our permanent customers. Out key to success is that our technicians are fully cooperative and helpful that they charge only the reasonable price and we don’t charge much for our customers, water damage

iPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price 4 – 4s

iPhone 4 and 4s was the well designed and the evolutionary iPhone brand when Apple launched in. The phone was amazing with the new features and technology. We all know the Apple doesn’t provide the strong screen glass that is why the phone faced some issues. Then they launched 4s with some extra feature with the different body shape than the iPhone 4. But as we all know that the iPhone 4 LCD screen is compatible with iPhone 4s, but the frame of both smartphones are different but we in MRD provide the replacing of your iPhone 4 and 4s screens in best prices. We are replacing the iPhone 4 and 4s in just 120 AED. Which definitely is the best price in Dubai. Come to our shop today.

iPhone Screen Repair Dubai PriceiPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price 5-5S

iPhone 5 and 5s was the amazing phones from Apple, and Apple launched these smartphones in various of colors like pink, yellow, sky blue, red black, white and many other attractive colors. And same like the iPhone 4 series the screen was not so much strength to bear the damage. Keeping this in mind we are giving the screen replacing for iPhone 5,5s at a price of 150 AED.

iPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price 6g – 6s 

iPhone 6 was the amazing brand launched from the Apple, they did something new with their launching, when they were about to launch the iPhone 6, they announced that they are going to launch iPhone 6 plus with the big screen and shape than the any iPhone. Which made iPhone lover in love with the iPhone 6s model. We are providing screen repair of iPhone 6g in 250 AED.  6s in 350 AED. 6 plus screen repair in 450. Dubai is such an amazing price of

iPhone Screen Repair Dubai Price 7g – 7g- 7-plus

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is an outstanding smartphone device that Apple has launched. It comes with the most updated iOS operating system and it with amazing touch and finger sensor feature. This device is the premium type of device in Dubai market. We replace the iPhone 7g screen in 600 AED. iPhone 7s – 7 plus screen in 750 AED.


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