iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair

As we all know that iPhone 7 consists of waterproof technology which means it is not able to get water damaged. But a major part of the society does not know that iPhone 7’s Waterproof technology has some limited period, after completion of that period iPhone 7 will no longer be waterproof anymore. If your phone gets water damage then you don’t need to worry because MRD provides iPhone 7 water damage repair service in Dubai for its customers.

iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair by MRD:

iPhone 7 Water Damage RepairOnce iPhone 7 goes repair of any kind like Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Speaker Repairing, Microphone Replacement and any other repair can change your phone water resistance into it-resistant which means the phone is allowed to gets water damaged now. If you drop your phone into water and not followed the proper cautions and switched on your iPhone then it will become dead but with the Professional technicians of MRD, Mobile Phone gives a new life to your iPhone. We have many tricks and techniques through which we make a dead phone into a working phone.

iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair Steps:

Sometimes you’re using your iPhone 7 beside a swimming pool and your phone gets drops into the water. If you face a water damage issue you must follow the below steps:

1- Switch off your phone immediately.

2- Remove sim card from phone otherwise your sim card also got damaged.

3- Try to dry your phone by using some therapy methods.

4- Don’t turn it on for two days.

If still, your iPhone won’t working then you’ve to contact MRD iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair service. We have some advanced technology through which we repair water damaged phones. Our process is very simple through which we give your phone a new life.

iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair1- External Dry

Firstly we properly do the external dry process because if it is not properly dry externally.

2- Rice Therapy

Our second step is we do rice therapy of iPhone 7 through which its internal moisture absorbed by the rice.

3- Silica Gel Therapy

We do silica gel therapy after rice therapy because if some of the moisture is still left in the phone after rice therapy then we put iPhone 7 into silica gel small pouches which completely absorbed the remaining moisture.

4- Internal Dry

If the phone still not switching on after the above process then we do the internal dry process. So we do properly dry process and not left any chance of damage to the phone. Our experts repair it with full responsibility.


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