iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone manufacturers upgrading their products day by day and launch more products with some latest technologies. iPhone 7 is the latest addition to this series. iPhone 7 containing the features which are not introduced by any manufacturer till date. Many people upgrade their iPhone with the latest iPhone 7. iPhone has a large HD Display Screen of 5.4 inches which is best for use. Sometimes, iPhone 7’s display screen gets cracked or not showing display. The iPhone 7 needs to repair immediately by a professional technician of MRD service because we are expert in iPhone 7 Screen replacement.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement by MRD:

iPhone 7 Screen ReplacementMRD has some expert technicians who can easily replace the screen of iPhone 7 with a new high-quality screen. iPhone is a sensitive phone as if it falls down incidentally, its screen gets broken at the spot and phone becomes useless as there is no display in it. No matter how iPhone upgraded with latest features but a screen is a part which needs some extra care. Many people’s use glass protectors, Screen covers, screen protecting the fabric and much other stuff to protect the screen of iPhone. iPhone 7 Screen Replacement gives your mobile a new life in no time because we are expert in screen replacement.

iPhone 7 Screen Issues:

iPhone 7 screen can occur some serious issues which need to be repaired immediately otherwise screen issue can damage other parts as well. iPhone 7 screen issues may be of:

1- Black or White Screen

2- Dim Screen

3- Bleeding Screen

4- Broken Screen

5- No Display

6- Crack Screen

7- Touch Not Working

1- Black/White Screen:

When you’re facing black/white screen issue in iPhone 7 then ready to iPhone 7 screen replacement because it is an alarming point which needs a proper replacement. iPhone 7 screen occur this issue sometimes as the screen becomes useless or screen sensor not working.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement2- Dim Screen:

The dim screen is also a major problem in iPhone 7. When your iPhone screen starts getting dim day by day then it means it will stop working or becomes dead. In this situation, all you need is to call MRD Service for iPhone 7 screen replacement.

3- Bleeding Screen:

Bleeding screen means screen liquid gets to come out from the screen and make some colorful pattern on the display through which you’re not able to see anything on your phone. With bleeding screen, your phone is not working properly as there will no clear display.

4- Broken Screen:

Sometimes iPhone 7 gets to fall down from your hands and its screen gets broken into pieces. Then you do not have any option to save your iPhone 7 only by iPhone 7 Screen Replacement.

5- No Display:

Sometimes iPhone 7 not showing anything even cell phone is switch on and every function work properly. It means that your iPhone’s screen is dead and you’ve to replace it with a new screen but MRD Dubai.


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