iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement

iPhone 7 has everything that customer wants for the entertainment like HD Camera, High quality of sound, HD Display and much more. iPhone is now becoming the most purchasing phone brand as it captures a big value in a market just by its quality and performance. iPhone has upgraded its feature in iPhone 7 as a new wireless handsfree, More powerful charger, a speed of the phone, and storage etc. iPhone’s battery is not much efficient and its drain quickly, users charge their iPhone many times a day and because of extra charging, charging port of iPhone gets damage. MRD provides iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement service for its customers throughout Dubai.

iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement by MRD:

iPhone 7 Charging Port ReplacementMRD is now known as the best repairing service providers in Dubai. We created a goodwill in a market by our quality service. Our technicians are expert in replacement of any phone’s charging port but our specialty is to replace iPhone Charging Port. iPhone 7 charging port is not much sense but when users using it 4,5 times regularly or use iPhone 7 while it in on charging then its charging port gets damaged and needs to replace quickly. If you do not take any immediate action, then the battery of iPhone 7 gets empty. MRD is here to listen to your issue and responsible for taking you out of it. Many other service providers replace charging port with some low quality charging port which gets shocked while charging in few days but by MRD’s iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement service.

Causes of Charging Port Damage:

After a deep study and research, MRD has successfully concluded the causes of charging port damage. According to us following are the cause through which iPhone 7 Charging Port gets damage:

Wrongly Insert Charger

Charging Ports Pin Broken

Low-Quality Charger

Mobile Break Down

Dust in Port

iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement1- Wrongly Insert Charger:

When you try to insert charger in port with some extra force either port is not accepting the charger pin but you keep trying. It damages or broken the charging port.

2- Charging Ports Pin Broken:

Charging port is consist of a series of small copper pins through which phone receive current. By forcefully inserting charger breaks copper pins and charging ports becomes useless and not charge the phone.

3- Low-Quality Charger:

The low-quality charger can also harm the charging port of iPhone 7. We always recommend original iPhone charger because other chargers not providing the proper current to the phone and create sparks in charging port and by this charging port stops working.

4- Mobile Break Down:

Sometimes iPhone 7 falls down from your hands and luckily you see no upper damages but sometimes charging port loses it’s posting by falling smack.

MRD has a solution of all the problem in iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement.

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