IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs

The true skill in IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs lies in the secure shelves installation regardless of the type of wall. After all, fitting heavy bookshelves on drywall won’t bring anything good. So leave the job to the specialists at MRD. For your convenience, our shelves installation service comes with a myriad of benefits:

– The experts bring all mounting tools – tape measures, drills, and all else needed for the installation;

– Hanging on any wall – all fitters can mount to plaster, timber, brick, concrete walls, and more;

– Besides putting up shelves – we help with door fitters, other wall hanging, furniture assembly, fix-ups & more;

– No need to be in a rush – you can book workdays, weekends, and bank holidays;

– You get free, no obligation shelf mounting estimates – use our online booking form at any time;

IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs

IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs by MRD

What could our hanging services possibly include besides the mounting itself? Well, the pros will also assemble the shelf for you, polish it to perfection, and repair any plaster pieces or other wall material that may have fallen off during the fitting procedure. The experts do not take their responsibilities lightly and will use accurate spirit levels to ensure that your wall shelves are perfectly leveled and securely attached in a spot of your preference. For your peace of mind, the handymen are also comprehensively insured against any incidents.

Receive Value for Your IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs in Dubai

In this busy day and age where chores abound, it’s difficult to find an extra hour or two for that new kitchen shelf that you bought what would seem like an eternity ago. And you don’t have to, because the friendly tradesmen will happily help you cross off many occasional repairs and odd jobs around the house, shelf mounting included. The handymen will carry the right fixings type for hanging up anything from floating, racking, and fixed bracket shelves to adjustable slotted shelving. Make sure to hand a to-do list with all odd jobs over to the pros to get everything done faster.

The Fitting Process Behind Dubai Shelf Installation

Our shelve services in Dubai specialize in professional repair and mounting of all shelve types on the market. Each fitter you meet on-site will follow a stringent fitting procedure to ensure that your shelf will easily bear the weight of your books, spices, and plates. The pro will:

Identify your shelf type (floating shelf, etc.) and use the appropriate tools to mount it;

Determine the wall’s material and whether it can carry the shelf’s weight;

Use sturdy support to securely fit the shelf without leaving wall marks behind;

Clean up leftover debris and use a spirit level to check if the shelf is well aligned.

IKEA Shelves Assembling and Repairs

Putting Shelves Up – A Service That Follows Your Lead

Have lots of shelving ideas that you simply cannot put into practice? Count on the diligent MRD crew to fit any type of shelves, be it of the corner, kitchen, or floating variety exactly where and when you need them! With us, installing shelves is not just another mundane task on your long to-do list – here, your wish is our command and the professionals will put in extra effort to deliver top-notch results that match your vision. And if you’re short on inspiration, the specialists can provide you with fresh ideas that are designed to fit your budget.

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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