David Clark Headset Repair Dubai

With over ten years’ experience in aviation and personal headset, headphone and ear defender repairs and aviation communication equipment, MRD specializes in the repair, service and custom build of a variety of David Clark Headset Repair Dubai.

David Clark Headset Repair Dubai by MRD:

Whereas many of our competitors will choose to subcontract out David Clark Headset Repair Dubai and other repairs and servicing to people like ourselves. Coming directly to us using our qualified and experienced repairing technicians who will carry out the work on site from our workshop, these technicians are fully manufacturer trained to carry out repairs on their equipment by companies like David Clark, Bose and other manufacturers offers you a quicker turnaround from trusted technicians, and our workshop is fully approved using only manufactures original parts and will be released fully certified by MRD. David Clark Headset Repair Dubai Our trained technicians are experienced in working with products from a variety of manufacturers, so please give us a call if your manufacturer isn’t listed above. We also handle repairs for Starcom and Autocom products.

Our repair and build service offers:

  • Free no hesitation repair estimate (Others charge for this service)
  • Our technicians repair within 3-4 working days (subject to availability of parts) (Many others charge extra for a quicker repair service)
  • Genuine parts from the original manufacturer (at a discounted cost) are used for every repair so the original manufacturer’s warranty remains valid where applicable.
  • Fully guaranteed repairs
  • Manufacturer approved technicians
  • All repairs administered to ISO 9001:2015 standards to make sure quality
  • Collection and delivery service available
Our experienced repair team uses computer controlled equipment to make sure that every repair is carried out to an equivalent high standard, giving our customers the simplest possible service for every and every repair. Our workshop and on site custom service enables us to offer our customers a quick turnaround at no extra cost. Get your free estimate for aviation headset repairs and Aviation communication system or put during a request for a custom built product today.

Common Issues on David Clark

Here’s a couple of pictures of what we usually see breaking on David Clark.

Battery Corrosion

Leaving the batteries of the headset for a protracted time causes acid leakage, damaging wires, contacts and electronic circuit card .

Blown Speaker

Continuous usage of a headset on a maximum volume can blow the speaker from inside.

David Clark Headphone Repairs

Is your David Clark headphone causing any of those problems: unit won’t power up, noise, blown out speaker, battery corrosion, torn up ear cushions?. We are specialized in resolving these issues within 24-hour turnaround. David Clark Headset Repair Dubai  

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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