Beats Service Center Dubai

What happens when a Beast goes together in the midst of a Doctor? In the end, you get Beats. Unfortunately, even the doctor is rarely sick. Your sibling is putting your earplugs on a couch and a squash. Virtually, the jack crooks and gets smashed. Let’s get your Beats up and contact to MRD’s Beats Service Center Dubai and get your job done.

Beats Service Center Dubai by MRD:

  • Replacement of the important headband (material destruction; cracked/broken headband)
  • Substitution of the earpad
  • Charging wire and port substitution (will not charge whatsoever)
  • Replacement of the power board (no sign of power)
  • Battery replacement (not getting hold of a charge)
  • Board replacement (ruined inside or outside plastic panels)
  • Inner replacement of the wiring (one side not serving or broken music)
  • Hinge substitution (split alloy folding hinge)
  • Speaker Driver (no sound on either side)
  • Beats Studio Ear Cushion Replacement
Beats Service Center Dubai

Common Issue On Beats

  • Broken Head Band

The pattern of the headband puts stress notches in the wrong areas. As a consequence, the vulnerable plastic clasps. Tough application of the headphones at a huge quantity of volume induces the speakers to finally inflate out. Instead of wasting your purchase, carry your loved headphones to us at MRD and go back to the fantastic music world. The Beats Service Center Dubai is the magic bandage for your broken headphones.
  • The Hype Of The Beats

Dre’s most famous Beats are apparently some of the most familiar headphones on the globe! Not only the fact that they do play astounding though they are additionally a chic fashion accomplice, usually observed on the caps and hands of best-in-class sports icons and dangling to and for through the collars of a huge bunch of the greatest film stars happened to be in the mighty world. But among every inch of hype and reputation, excessive costs are compelled to be a problem. The hugest blemish, by all odds, of the Beats Solo, Beats Studio and Beats Studio Wireless headphones definitely are the super-inflated price of owning Apple, the primary producer, fix the systems while a part inescapably collapses.

The Influence Of A Brand: MRD Thoughts

Countless proprietors of the presumably chunky-styled Beats Studio along Solo headphones are oblivious of how easily and affordably they can get the parts replaced without hurting from too much pain from MRD. For this important and particular reason, we decided to put together a rundown of the replaceable parts that they can get from MRD with professional abilities and knowledge. Beats Service Center Dubai

All Beats Service Center Dubai: MRD

We, at MRD are specialists in headphone servicing for your Beats, Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, and more. Besides multiple ages of expertise in headphone adjustments, our craftsmen implicitly fix any issue, from Beats busted headbands, Bose fluttered mouthpieces, earbud audio jacks, you name it. Whatever the difficulty with your headphones, our engineers fix headphones in very short days. All headphone adjustments are backed up by our long-term warranty service.  MRD endeavors to propose the most dependable and fastest headphone patch with prominent consumer service. If you don’t perceive what you are seeming for, don’t delay and contact us.  

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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