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On July 2008, after two years of research, A company introduces his high-definition headphones ‘the Beats Studio’. These headphones feature cancellation of disturbing noise, a cushy fit designed to be comfortable even after many hours of use. Usually, beats headphone does not occur any kind of issue but when it occurs then it needs to be repair Beats Headphone Repair Dubaitimely otherwise it can become useless. For this purpose, Mobile Repairs Dubai started its new service for Beats Headphone Repair Dubai Service in which we repair any kind of issue in your Beat Headphones.

But Beats overtakes the who organization and started in-house manufacturing of Beats Headphones and its other products. The first series of Beat Headphones are slightly thick, Bigger in size and heavy in weight. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to identify the generation of beat headphones but it can be identified. To identify the third generation is very simple because it has rechargeable batteries and it these batteries is heavy duty.

Beats Headphone Repair Dubai by Mobile Repairs Dubai:

What happens when a Monster gets with an MRD? Same as for the headphones of Beats, if you left your headphones on a floor or on a bed or on a chair and then someone squeezes on it and then it gets broken or damaged. In this situation, you must bring your headphone to Mobile Repairs Dubai because we have the best and the most expert technicians in Dubai who can do this kind of work perfectly.

Beat Headphones Repairing:

There is some different kind of beats headphone repair Dubai which can be repaired by the technicians of Mobile Repairs Dubai. We have certified technicians who can do any kind of repairing in Beat Headphones. 

Over-Ear Headphone
In-Ear Headphone
Bluetooth Speakers

Issues in Beat Headphones:

Here are some issues and damages which we see in our daily life.

1- Broken Head Band:

The design of headphones is created in such manner which exerts pressure on the gripping point.

Beats Headphone Repair Dubai2- Broken Audio Plug:

The most sensitive part in Beats Headphone is its audio jack and its earpiece. 

Don’t waste your money on which you bring a beats headphone. Some people just throw them out when they face a little issue in it but there is a solution available for them to do them a new life by just bringing them to Mobile Repairs Dubai store.

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

5 thoughts on “Beats Headphone Repair Dubai

  • Hello,

    My beats speakers are not getting charged/switched on.

    Please let me know the rates to fix it.

    Also do you fix video cam as well? let me know.

  • Hi i have a beats pro and i had it for years it was a gift from my wife so i really dont want to change it there is no defects in it its just the normal wear and tear has taken its toll, the leathery parts are in need of replacing can you do it?

  • I have 1 beats solo 2 and 1 beats solo 1 both with the ear covers that are coming apart at the leather. how much do you charge to fix? also the solo 2 has a headphone jack that broke. how much is that to pix

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