Beats Ear Cushion Replacement Service

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Beats Ear Cushion Replacement Service by Mobile Repairs Dubai

If your Beats by Dre audio gear is covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty or under Australian Consumer Law we are able to arrange repair for you. We may demand a copy of your clue of purchase evidence to confirm your warranty status.

Beats Ear Cushion Replacement Service

For component repairs, the following process applies:-

  1. You need to drop your headphones, earphones or speakers into our service center. We will book it in for our Authorised technicians to check for damage (ie. damage may result from accident, water damage, dismantle, unapproved service and unauthorized changes) and then confirm warranty coverage.
  2. MRD will then attempt to reproduce the fault and confirm that it needs repair.
  3. We will arrange the part from manufacturers and replace the faulty component, then re-run diagnostics to confirm the repair process is successful.
  4. We will then call you to advise it is ready for collection.

If we are incapable of Beats Ear Cushion Replacement Service using components, then we will require requesting a whole unit replacement. The whole unit replacement process is as follows:-

  1. Your Beats will be shipped to Dubai for repair. The turnaround time is usually 4-5 business days.
  2. If the repair is not covered by warranty, you will be required to pay the Out of Warranty price.
  3. We will then call you when the replacement arrives to advise it is ready for collection.


Mobile Repairs Dubai can also arrange service for your Beats earphones, headphones or speakers. As per above, we can repair certain components in our service center. Otherwise, we can arrange replacement of the entire unit through Apple’s Out of Warranty service program. 


Yes. Please visit the Beats support website for helpful troubleshooting of your gear. It will explain how best to determine if your gear has a hardware issue. If you have reviewed the articles on the website, and you’re still not sure if your Beats require service, you can bring the unit to our service center for assistance.

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