Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

MRD is a dedicated Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai Company with nationwide coverage and a wealth of experience in the Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai market we are able to repair laptops from all the world’s leading manufacturers. With over 10 years of experience in Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai, we really take the hassle out of your laptop repair by repairing all makes and models -from HP laptop repairs to Sony repairs – to component level, so look no further. With our up-front fixed-fee pricing, you will know exactly how much your repair will cost with no hidden extras, which are so common within the laptop repair industry. We also have an extensive parts portfolio at our disposal that enables us to offer an unrivaled service in consultation, repairs and after service. Our mission is to be the best Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai Company.

We can repair your laptop afford-ably even when the other guys say that it can’t be repaired, or it may cost the price of a new laptop. We replace faulty laptop screens; burned or faulty motherboards fix keyboard problems and solve virtually every problem you can face with your laptop.


We Mobile Repairs Dubai can guarantee you that more than 99% of the time; we can fix the problems associated with your Laptop. Our entire Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai engineers have been expertly and thoroughly trained, down to component level, by the five major Laptop manufacturers in the Far East. People have the misconception that ACERDELLPACKARD BELLSONY, ALIEN-WARE, TOSHIBA, ADVENT, HP, etc…. manufacture their laptops. This is far from the fact they use one of the 5 Major Manufacturers in the Far East. With the advantage of all our engineers being certified to do Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai, we can boast that we are the best in the Dubai for Laptop Repairs. We offer fast solutions to your laptop requirements, whether they may be:



  • The battery won’t charge
  • No display or dim display
  • No power / Dead motherboard
  • Loose or broken DC power jack
  • Graphics problems or frozen screen
  • Shutting down randomly caused by overheating
  • Motherboard damaged by spilled water or juice
  • Broken screen hinges and plastic covers replacement
  • Upgrading or Downgrading operating systems
  • Wireless Internet connection problems
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Virus removal


We provide free estimates and very competitive prices for quality Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai. Our experienced laptop repair technicians specialize in all makes and models of laptops and notebooks motherboard repair at the component level. Especially for LCD screen repair or replacement and DC power jack repair or replacement, we can offer While You Wait or Same Day Service. If you decide not to proceed the repair of your laptop, we will pay you cash to buy it and return your hard drive or transfer data for you.

Screen / LCD Repairs:

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

Cracked screens, no video, no backlight are all reasons to replace your laptop screen. We can help you determine whether you need a whole screen replacement or just re-adjust your cabling. Sometimes you just need the inverter board replaced and not the entire LCD we will pinpoint the issue with the screen on your computer and find the most cost-effective fix for your laptop.

Software Repair:

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

Most of us think that anti-virus is more than enough to keep your system infection free. It’s possible for your system to become infected even if you have installed the anti-virus for protection. Contact us and we will return your system to its pre-contaminated glory. We provide all kinds of software solutions including re-installation of your operating system at competitive rates.

Hardware Repair:

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

We also provide an economical repair option by fixing all the hardware problems related to your laptop. Our primary aim is to offer you the most excellent service using our best repair techniques. So, with our experience and trained experts, we make sure to provide our clients an environmentally sound alternative to replacements that make financial sense.

DVD Drive Repairs:

Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

If your DVD/CD drive stops playing media like movies or music and if it stops burning then you may just need to replace it or have it cleaned out. We can help you do that. You will need a diagnostic to find that out, but we will remove the diagnosis if you end up repairing or replacing your optical drive with us.

so what are you waiting for just call now if you want to Apple MacBook Air Repair in Dubai, we will provide free pick u drop service.

Wide Range of Services

We are not limited to only this service, we have a wide range of services which can also be very helpful to you. Here are some of them which might be what you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Services

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